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    Bede's World

    The Venerable Bede (AD673 - AD735) was one of the most famous historians and scholars in medieval England, and for much of his life he lived in Jarrow, at the Monastery of St Paul, now St Paul's Church.

    It was here that he wrote many of his scientific, religious and historical works, including his most famous work the Ecclesiastical History of the English People, which he wrote in AD731.

    In his day Bede was world famous and many people travelled to Jarrow in order to visit him. And when he died his tomb at St Paul's Church soon became a site of pilgrimage.

    Today the area around the church and monastery ruins has been developed into the excellent Bede's World. The attraction tells the story of Bede, and of early Christianity in England.

    As well as the church of St Paul's and the remains of the monastery, Bede's World is home to an excellent museum where you can learn about Bede, the history of Christianity, and medieval Northumbria.

    And there is also a recreated 11 acre Anglo-Saxon farm, where you can also find out about everyday life in Bede's time. With traditional farming methods, ancient crops and rare breeds including iron-age pigs, you can really step back in time.

    Very informative and well laid out, it will appeal to all ages, and is particularly suitable for children.

    Bede's World is open daily, but opening hours vary according to season so do check in advance. Admission costs around £3 for adults.

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