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Established and proven to deliver substantial bookings since way back in 1995, our Hotel Guide quickly became the most widely used UK accommodation directory available on the web. So much so that well over 90% of our customers renew each and every year. Many of our satisfied customers have now been with us for over 10 years as they find that the majority of their internet bookings still come through our website which is visited by over 500,000 internet users weekly!

"Thank you ever so much for our enhanced entry. It looks fantastic, beyond our wildest dreams. Truly delighted."
Palace Farmhouse

Place your advert today. It's really, really simple!

Take out an advert with us now and we'll immediately add your hotel to our town listings so that you can start receiving bookings straight away. Our team of professional designers will then begin to design your very own "Deluxe" brochure entry. This can be based on your own website or your printed brochure, whichever you prefer. We will then work for you on this design until you are completely, 100% satisfied and we will send you a proof for your approval. We will then place your "Deluxe" brochure entry on our site and link to it from the town listings and the "more details" listing.

Just look at what you will get when you take out a "Deluxe" brochure entry with us today!...

  • A complete, exclusively designed web page to promote your establishment.
  • Unlimited text on your "Deluxe" brochure entry.
  • Full colour photographs to show off your hotel.
  • Full display of your complete contact details including address, phone, fax and email. Our aim is to get you bookings by the preferred method of your customers. Unlike most of our competitors we don't force them to use an online booking facility.
  • Free link to your own web site from your "Deluxe" brochure entry.
  • Free updates to your advertisement whenever they are needed.
  • Free priority listing on our town pages and search results including a link to your "Deluxe" brochure page.
  • Free "Standard" entry page (worth £49.99 + VAT) featuring all of your prices, facilities and ratings in an easy to read format together with a link to your "Deluxe" brochure entry.
  • Free link to online mapping to allow your customers to easily find your hotel, including detailed location maps and driving directions.
  • 24 hour availability of your advertisement, 365 days a year.
  • Instant addition to our town listings so you will start getting bookings immediately.
  • Free link to the online booking system, if desired.
"Amazing!, We always got a really good response from your advert"
Marilyn Wilkins

To start benefiting from your new "Deluxe" brochure entry, simply enter your email address below and we'll start working with you to promote your hotel.

Your full colour "Deluxe" brochure entry will be processed in strict order of receipt. This means that you need to send your brochure (or equivalent) to us together with your cheque or credit card details as soon as possible. This will ensure that you start gaining additional bookings for your hotel straight away.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 01242 529509.

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