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Manchester Town Guide, A, 2K city right at the heart of the industrial revolution, where vast fortunes were once made and lost, Manchester was once a city central to the British Empire.

Even today it is still one of the biggest cities in the country. However, for many years Manchester was way off the tourist track.

With a reputation of unemployment, poverty, social problems and violence, the city was often regarded as one to avoid rather than one to visit.

But recent decades have seen a dramatic turn-about. Manchester is now as famous for being home to Oasis and a thriving cultural scene as it is for its former problems.

The city centre has seen a dramatic rejuvenation, with many parts of the city centre undergoing a total re-vamp. But Manchester has never turned its back on its industrial past, and so there are plenty of reminders of the city's hey day.

Today Manchester is one of the most exciting cities in the country, with plenty for everyone to see and do. Whether you are looking for history and museums, a thriving nightlife or premier cultural venues, you will find it in Manchester......

Just use the A-Z below to find out more about what Manchester has to offer.

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Manchester Town Guide

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