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"...that sweet city with her dreaming spires..."

Matthew Arnold

Oxford Town Guide, Graduate's Mortar Board, 3K Think of Oxford and you immediately picture images of students hurrying between lectures, elegant buildings and leisurely picnics by the water's edge.

And if you do visit Oxford, you will find that many of this images do ring true - the hallowed University buildings do indeed exist and you can't get much more "English" than a sunny afternoon spent punting on the river.

However, today's Oxford offers much more than the hallowed University buildings. It is also a thriving commercial centre and so as well as seeing the rickety bicycles of the students you can also expect to hear the roar of traffic.

But that is the charm of Oxford - it is a city of many sides, all waiting to be discovered ...
... from austere University colleges and excellent museums to quiet parks and lively cafes there is something for everyone.

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