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Like most of the UK's major cities, Edinburgh grew up around a river - although in many places it is not much more than a stream.

Edinburgh Town Guide, The River, 1K Known as the Water of Leith the river flows right the way through the city and then out into the Firth of Forth which it joins at Leith, Edinburgh's bustling port area that was once a town in its own right.

The river was central to Edinburgh's development and expansion for the water provided the power for Edinburgh's thriving mills.

And of course at Leith there was the busy port which was central for establishing Edinburgh's position as an important trading town.

Like many urban rivers, for many years the Water of Leith suffered from the effects of industrialisation and pollution. However, today it has benefited from serious conservation efforts and is once again home to fish, plants and animals.

Edinburgh Town Guide, Water of Leith Walkway, 1K There are also several pleasant paths along the banks of the river, particularly in the areas around the villages of Dean and Stockbridge.

These form the Water of Leith Walkway, the ultimate intention being that the paths will eventually take you all the way from the river's source in the Pentland Hills to Leith.

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