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The Circus, located to the north of Queen Square, is one of Bath's most magnificent areas - the elegant lines of its architecture simply takes your breath away.

Bath Town Guide, The Circus, 16K
Aerial view of The Circus

The Circus was designed by John Wood the Elder, but was completed by his equally famous son John Wood the Younger.

The design is a circle made up of three crescents and is said to be based on the Coliseum in Rome. At the time this was the first fully circular street in Britain and so it was viewed by many as a considerable achievement.

It is well worth looking closely at the detail of the architecture, in particular the frieze that commemorates the achievements of the day.

The columns on the facade are also interesting, for all three types of classical column are represented - Doric on street level, Ionic in the middle and Corinthian at the top.

Among several famous residents who have lived on the circus, the artists Thomas Gainborough lived at number 17 and William Pitt the Elder at Number 8.

Nearby to the Circus is the equally famous Royal Crescent, also well worth a visit for its Georgian architecture.

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