Staghead Hotel South Queensferry Staghead Hotel, 8 High Street, South Queensferry, City of Edinburgh, EH30 9PP

"Enjoy a stay in our traditional 17th century former coaching inn."

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Staghead Hotel, South Queensferry, 28K
8 High Street,
South Queensferry
EH30 9PP

Phone: 0131 331 1039
Fax: 0131 331 2922

Enjoy a stay in our traditional 17th century former coaching inn. The "Stag"(as its affectionately known by locals) is a family run hotel,situated at the water's edge of the river Forth, overlooking the ancient harbour, and nestles between the world famous Forth rail and road bridges. We are located on the towns medieval cobbled High Street and Gote Lane, which ambles down to the ancient harbour where many an artist can be seen sketching the bridges. There can be few hotels offering a more dramatic location! Our hotel dates from the early 17th century and is a category 'B' listed building, having special architectural interest. Rooms are as follows:- 2 double en-suite rooms, 1 double/family room en-suite, 1 double room standard (non en-suite), 1 single room standard (non en-suite).


Queensferrys name derives from Queen Margarets crossing to Dunfermline Abbey, by ferry on her visits to the monks there.Queen Margaret(latterly given saint status) wife of King Malcolm of Scotland resided in Edinburgh Castle where an interested visitor can view her very own chapel (circa 1200) within Edinburgh Castle. The town is within easy reach of many historical places of interest; Dalmeny House, Hopetoun House, Blackness Castle, Linlithgow Palace and Queen Margarets Departure point to Dunfermline. On our doorstep the Priory Church can be found - a 15th century monastery inhabited by the Carmellite monks. Directly opposite the hotel is Roseberry Hall which was originally the town Hall, and prison. South Queensferrys marina, Port Edgar, offers a wide range of water sports, and is only a five minute walk away.

Excellent rail and bus services on the doorstep...taking you into our capital city of Edinburgh.

Only 15 minutes away from Edinburgh Airport

Local taxi services available to be booked on request.

History of the Stag

In the year 1708 as these premises were under construction an unthinking "STAG" wandered into the village and was slain on this spot by a passing coach. The coach was a relevantly new innovation, and our predecessors took full advantage of the trade it brought to this area,by adding an extension of 14 bedrooms and an upstairs parlour to the existing alehouse in 1712.

The Story of the Stag

There aince wis a Stag, a prood bonny Stag, whae bided in woods yont the "Ferry"Sae cantie wis he wi a glint in his e'e and fashes he ne'er any!
Ain day oor croose Stag cocked up his lugs on hearing a dirl frae the toonthis unco clatter-"Mon whit kin it be?" Sae he daured tae gae cannilie doon
Dumfoonert wis he at the sichts he did see as he keeked roon the bield o the kirkTwa naigs they were luggin a boxie on wheels an' the din wis the de'ils ain work
Inside the boxie sat maisters an' maids garbed oot in goons a' sae brawAn the maisters wi' wigs a pootert as new and waistcoats as white as the snaw
Alas, the Stag louped, the better tae see, leavin the beild o' the kirkAlang cam' the coachman, no' thinkin, wis he o' Stags loupin o' the kirk
An' lo in the gloamin' o' that nicht yestreen, oor Stag wis felled doon on this spotSo dinnae be fashed wi noises at nicht, remember oor Stags bluidy lot
We've honoured his heid, in oor alehoose it hings,tak heed guid friends yin an' a'Yir neebors affair are thir ain, sae tae speak, an' nebbin can come 'fore a fa'

Karen Purves MBII


aince~once, prood~proud, bided~lived, cantie~jolly, fashes~troubles, croose~proud,
dirl~noise, clatter~loud noise, dumfoonert~bewildered, keeked~carefully looked,
bield~shelter, naigs~horses, luggin~pulling, din~noise, maisters~masters,
garbed~dressed, braw~beautiful, pootert~powdered, snaw~snow, louped~jumped,
gloamin~in the dusk, yestreen~in days gone by, fashed~bothered, nicht~night,
bluidy~bloody, hings~hangs, neebors~neighbours, nebbin~nosey, fore a fa~before a fall.

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Ghostly goings on...

The "Stag" is reputed to be haunted,by a few spirits who, on occasion make their presence known. Auld Mrs Wyld, a former proprietor and inn keeper of the 17th century,can often be heard pacing up and down the top floor.... and has been occasionally seen! While, in our cellar, "Jack", an ex cellar man, can be heard moving barrels around, and playfully switching lights on and off. Hopefully these tantalising details will whet your appetite!

We offer:

Private parking

Children are welcome and we can supply a travel cot and high chair.

We take cast or most major credit/debit cards.

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